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The experience and professionalism of Miami Marine Survey was a breath of fresh air in an industry that often undervalues quality service. Scott's knowledge proved invaluable and I will definitely be using him again in the future.

Sebastian Juncadella

I contacted the above company after considering various options. I am based in Cape Town, South Africa. The reason for the contact was to source a sports fishing boat for eventual use in south west and east Africa, but based in Cape Town. I had identified a size catagory and engine manufacturer.

Scott Virgin inspected various vessels which i had identified as possible purchase options. These inspections were termed " Scout Surveys" and he reported back within 24hrs on all of the vessels. The reports were sufficient to provide a definite idea as to suitability of the vessels. Further verbal discussion narrowed the options to one, which i have subsequently purchased. Scott is very knowledgable, professional and was a pleasure to deal with. I accpeted his advice without question, and he saved me at least 2 x 7000mile plane trips to USA.I reccommend Miami Marine Survey & Consulting without hesitation.

Peter Paul Kuttel

I was very happy with Scott's survey work. He was extremely knowledgable and had thorough answers to all my questions. I highly recommend him and would gladly hire him again.

Adam Kirk

Miami Marine Survey and its principal, Scott Virgin is professional, honest and experienced. Save money, get to know your boat, pre-rehab or pre-sales work, Scott Virgin is rigorous, meticulous and thorough. No 15 minute surveys here. Scott has repeatedly helped me evaluate vessels, value my own purchases and make sound decisions. HIGHLY recommend and value the dedicated, honest approach which is not easy to find.

Ignacio Meyer

Scott Virgin is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. He really goes above and beyond in every aspect of the services he provides - not only bringing extensive experience to the table but also really taking the time to walk you through the process of the survey. For the most recent survey he did for my company, he did hours of specialized research on the type of vessel we were looking to purchase and it really paid off. He was able to see through what was apparently fraudulent maintenance paperwork provided to us by the broker to the true condition of the hull and engines. He then walked us through what he saw and explained what we would be facing if we were to attempt to purchase and fix the boat. He ended up saving us tens of thousands of dollars and probably ultimately our business. I cannot recommend him highly enough and will definitely use him the future as we look at other vessels.

Julia Wester

My name is Dr. Mike Engel from Charleston, SC. I have been looking for a 29 Sea Vee to buy and found one through a broker down in Miami. The broker said that I needed a marine surveyor to go through the boat to make sure everything was the way it was supposed to be. The broker arranged to have Scott Virgin from Miami Marine do the survey. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge, his expertise, and his professionalism.When the survey was finished he expressed his concern over some items on the boat.The agent got almost angry when told about the issues and tried to blow them off. Scott quoted Coast Guard rules and again the agent really did not like that.

Scott's expertise helped leed me to my decision to not accept the boat. You can believe me that I will use him again as my search continues. He is willing to go the extra mile to help the prospective buyer no matter how much pressure the broker places on him.

Michael Engel

Scott and Miami Marine Survey are extremely professional, knowledgeable and thorough. He performed a pre-purchase inspection/survey on a Monterey 278 SSX and contacted me by phone to discuss the results of his inspection. He also provided a very thorough report with detailed descriptions of the vessel's systems and its condition. I am very confident in his knowledge and professional approach that allowed me to make the right decision regarding this boat. Thanks Scott!

Thomas Mulroy

Where's the sixth star rating to click?

As usual, Scott came through for me.

Can't recommend this guy enough.

I could write a novel here, but suffice to say, if you hire someone else, you made a mistake. He's the best in the business.

Matthew Dana

I would like to add my voice to everything that has been said in the other reviews. I am a first time boat owner and Scott took the time to explain to me in details all his findings and recommendations. I really felt comfortable dealing with him and i will definitely recommend him to anyone interested in buying a boat. Great Job Capt. Scott!! Dany

Virgin Islands

I wish I had hired Scott to do a marine survey for my first boat. It would have saved me literally 10's of thousands of dollars. There's a handful of truths in boating that I've learned in the passed few years. 1. The acronym for B.O.A.T (bust out another thousand) is not a joke. 2. Outboard engines require a LOT of maintenance. 3. Saltwater eventually breaks everything. 4. You'll save money with regular service and preventative maintenance.

Reliable boat consulting is hard to find in Miami. Scott understands the critical systems on a boat, and can help you to learn and understand them better as well. Your boat's structural integrity, safety systems, propulsion, and electrical systems are all critical components that can fail quickly and become both costly and dangerous.

There's a lot of folks who will gladly take your money, or ignore your phone calls, and even more who will just provide you with sub-standard service and information. Your survey should come from someone qualified, trustworthy, reliable, and accredited with a track record of helping people identify and fix problems, and save money on their new boat purchases.

I didn't get the marine survey on my first boat, but I certainly will next time, so I know well ahead of time all the things I'll need to fix BEFORE they break. Busting out another thousand gets old. Save yourself the time and headache with a little due diligence up front.

Todd Malicoat - Local Guide