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Marine surveying services

Miami Marine Survey LLC offers full spectrum marine surveying in South Florida and the Florida Keys, as well as travel that has extended as far as South America and Turkey. We specialize in complete engine, hull, electrical system, and safety inspection for both power and sail vessels.

Pre-Purchase Survey

Pre-Purchase Vessel Survey

Our most extensive survey. We formally and methodically evaluate each major system of your vessel to ensure safety and value. Learn more about the process.

Damage & Repair Inspection Survey

Public Adjusting & Loss Claims Management

We have 25 years of boatbuilding and marine experience, a decade as a marine surveyor, and years of experience processing marine claims. We understand the damage to your boat, and the details of what a successful claim requires.

Insurance Survey

Insurance Survey

When your insurance company requires you to provide an updated survey report to maintain or renew your coverage, we maintain the certifications required to ensure the report is accepted.  You can provide the insurer with the report you need while certifying the vessel is safe for you and your family.

Advanced Corrosion Inspection

Advanced Corrosion Inspection

Vessels with galvanic corrosion issues require the most advanced level of electrical & corrosion expertise, and the cause of these problems can be elusive.

As an ABYC Certified Corrosion specialist, in 2013 Scott Virgin joined forces with other SAMS surveyors to perfect a corrosion inspection process


  • Scott is amazing! I'm a first time boat buyer and Scott helped me with a full survey and sea trial. I can't tell you how unbelievably impressed I was with his knowledge and how thoroughly Scott inspected the boat I was looking to purchase. Not only that, but I felt like I was with a friend the whole time we worked together on this journey. I would highly recommend Scott and look forward to working with him again!

    Matthew Morton

  • Scott was very thorough, honest and provided a reasonable price point! Excellent service!

    Helene Czech

  • Very knowledgable and professional. Would recommend and use again in a heartbeat.

    Pablo Conde

  • One of the most detailed surveys I could have asked for. very professional and detailed. on future purchases will use again 100%. very happy customer

    Manuel Gonzalez

  • Timely, professional and thorough. Miami Marine cares about your boat beyond just getting a survey completed.

    David Kosowsky

  • Scott & Valeria know what’s up and are good people! Worth every $! Highly recommend!

    Zach Newell

  • If you need a surveyor with experience, and upmost professionalism, please contact Miami Marine Survey and Consulting.

    ON time, precise, knowledgeable.

    Ariel Araoz

  • Cool guy, really professional is every way, he checked every details of my boat, found some stuff that even the previous owner didn't know, I will definitly request him again if I'm buying another boat.

    Jérôme D

  • You really get the impression that Scott has your back. Great attention to detail in person and then ultimately in producing the survey document. Highly recommended

    Tarek Korraa

  • Great service! Scheduled a prompt appointment and provided a highly professional survey within a day at a reasonable price. Will be my survey company for boats to come.

    Gary Romano

  • Had scott do a second survey. He really impressed me yet again with the depth of his knowledge on every aspect of boat and its potential issues. Great surveyor!

    David Linder

  • Excellent professional service. Very informative and helpful. Always answered my calls and took time to explain his findings.

    I could tell he was working for me not the seller.

    I highly recommend this boat Surverying company.

    Joe Miller

    Joe Miller

  • Scott did a great job inspecting the boat I was interested in purchasing. He took time to explain items that he found both good and bad. Overall it was great!

    Travis Swain

  • Scott did the pre-purchase survey for the 30 ft Hydra-sports that I just purchased. His survey was extremely comprehensive and accurate. The deficiencies he noted saved me a few thousand dollars in repairs. Thanks Scott.

    Andrew Illobre

  • Scott was awesome. I was under a time crunch and he got me in quickly. The report was really detailed and after we had a long conversation not only going thru each issue but suggesting ways and people who could help repair.

    Brian Dietmeyer

  • I found Scott researching surveyors online and hired him to survey a 20+ year old boat I was looking at. He showed up right on time and did a very good job. Helped me avoid making what could have been a bad purchase.

    Randal R

  • Scott is an excellent surveyor.We knew very little of the whole process and He was invaluable. Communication is always prompt and stress free. Great guy!

    Heather and Dustin Olson

  • By far the most thorough survey I’ve had and it helped me tremendously with the purchase. I will only use Scott and his team for my future surveys

    Paul K

  • I flew from Los Angeles to purchase a 2001 Ocean Yacht 52 SS located in Miami. My time was limited and could not thank Scott enogh for his deligent and professional excution of my pre purchase survey.

    Carlos Sarria

  • Scott was super helpful and very professional in every aspect. I bought a Master craft from 3200 miles away,that I never seen. He is extremely knowledgeable and I would definitely hire him again and again. Thank you Scott!

    Roger K

  • The experience and professionalism of Miami Marine Survey was a breath of fresh air in an industry that often undervalues quality service. Scott's knowledge proved invaluable and I will definitely be using him again in the future.

    Sebastian Juncadella

  • I contacted the above company after considering various options. I am based in Cape Town, South Africa. The reason for the contact was to source a sports fishing boat for eventual use in south west and east Africa, but based in Cape Town. I had identified a size catagory and engine manufacturer.

    Scott Virgin inspected various vessels which i had identified as possible purchase options. These inspections were termed " Scout Surveys" and he reported back within 24hrs on all of the vessels. The reports were sufficient to provide a definite idea as to suitability of the vessels. Further verbal discussion narrowed the options to one, which i have subsequently purchased. Scott is very knowledgable, professional and was a pleasure to deal with. I accpeted his advice without question, and he saved me at least 2 x 7000mile plane trips to USA.I reccommend Miami Marine Survey & Consulting without hesitation.

    Peter Paul Kuttel

  • I was very happy with Scott's survey work. He was extremely knowledgable and had thorough answers to all my questions. I highly recommend him and would gladly hire him again.

    Adam Kirk

  • Miami Marine Survey and its principal, Scott Virgin is professional, honest and experienced. Save money, get to know your boat, pre-rehab or pre-sales work, Scott Virgin is rigorous, meticulous and thorough. No 15 minute surveys here. Scott has repeatedly helped me evaluate vessels, value my own purchases and make sound decisions. HIGHLY recommend and value the dedicated, honest approach which is not easy to find.

    Ignacio Meyer

  • Scott Virgin is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. He really goes above and beyond in every aspect of the services he provides - not only bringing extensive experience to the table but also really taking the time to walk you through the process of the survey. For the most recent survey he did for my company, he did hours of specialized research on the type of vessel we were looking to purchase and it really paid off. He was able to see through what was apparently fraudulent maintenance paperwork provided to us by the broker to the true condition of the hull and engines. He then walked us through what he saw and explained what we would be facing if we were to attempt to purchase and fix the boat. He ended up saving us tens of thousands of dollars and probably ultimately our business. I cannot recommend him highly enough and will definitely use him the future as we look at other vessels.

    Julia Wester

  • My name is Dr. Mike Engel from Charleston, SC. I have been looking for a 29 Sea Vee to buy and found one through a broker down in Miami. The broker said that I needed a marine surveyor to go through the boat to make sure everything was the way it was supposed to be. The broker arranged to have Scott Virgin from Miami Marine do the survey. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge, his expertise, and his professionalism.When the survey was finished he expressed his concern over some items on the boat.The agent got almost angry when told about the issues and tried to blow them off. Scott quoted Coast Guard rules and again the agent really did not like that.

    Scott's expertise helped leed me to my decision to not accept the boat. You can believe me that I will use him again as my search continues. He is willing to go the extra mile to help the prospective buyer no matter how much pressure the broker places on him.

    Michael Engel

  • Scott and Miami Marine Survey are extremely professional, knowledgeable and thorough. He performed a pre-purchase inspection/survey on a Monterey 278 SSX and contacted me by phone to discuss the results of his inspection. He also provided a very thorough report with detailed descriptions of the vessel's systems and its condition. I am very confident in his knowledge and professional approach that allowed me to make the right decision regarding this boat. Thanks Scott!

    Thomas Mulroy

  • Where's the sixth star rating to click?

    As usual, Scott came through for me.

    Can't recommend this guy enough.

    I could write a novel here, but suffice to say, if you hire someone else, you made a mistake. He's the best in the business.

    Matthew Dana

  • I would like to add my voice to everything that has been said in the other reviews. I am a first time boat owner and Scott took the time to explain to me in details all his findings and recommendations. I really felt comfortable dealing with him and i will definitely recommend him to anyone interested in buying a boat. Great Job Capt. Scott!! Dany

    Virgin Islands

  • I wish I had hired Scott to do a marine survey for my first boat. It would have saved me literally 10's of thousands of dollars. There's a handful of truths in boating that I've learned in the passed few years. 1. The acronym for B.O.A.T (bust out another thousand) is not a joke. 2. Outboard engines require a LOT of maintenance. 3. Saltwater eventually breaks everything. 4. You'll save money with regular service and preventative maintenance.

    Reliable boat consulting is hard to find in Miami. Scott understands the critical systems on a boat, and can help you to learn and understand them better as well. Your boat's structural integrity, safety systems, propulsion, and electrical systems are all critical components that can fail quickly and become both costly and dangerous.

    There's a lot of folks who will gladly take your money, or ignore your phone calls, and even more who will just provide you with sub-standard service and information. Your survey should come from someone qualified, trustworthy, reliable, and accredited with a track record of helping people identify and fix problems, and save money on their new boat purchases.

    I didn't get the marine survey on my first boat, but I certainly will next time, so I know well ahead of time all the things I'll need to fix BEFORE they break. Busting out another thousand gets old. Save yourself the time and headache with a little due diligence up front.

    Todd Malicoat

    Local Guide

  • Scott helped me with a 2006 40 Sundancer out of Miami- Scott is very detailed and explained everything very well. Probably the best survey I have ever had. I ended up not buying the boat- but will work with Scott again.

    Ryan Sullivan

  • Absolutely fantastic. Scott was extremely professional and thorough, and really had his clients ("Mine") best interest in mind. This no nonsense approach is exactly what any potential buyer needs before making such a significant investment. Any one looking to purchase a boat MUST hire Scott before hand... you wont regret it.

    J Bruno de la Fuente

  • Scott

    I am sorry we are up to my second boat that you have surveyed for me and this is only my first review. Where should i begin, I originally contacted scott when i was interested in purchasing a 37' Midnight Express and 2 minutes in to the call i knew i had the right guy. Not only did scott have extensive knowledge of the industry he knew every thing about the brand i was looking to purchase. It was not long before scott was on the plane headed to Panama city to check out the boat. Scott calls me after 8 hours of searching to give me the all clear and it was a done deal. After a year it was time for me to upgrade and when i found a 42' Yellowfin that i loved scott was my guy. He made his way to Cape Canaveral to inspect the boat and again after a full day of inspection he calls me with the all the details, pros and cons which allowed me to make an informed decision when negotiating my price. In short, over the course of a year scott helped me with all aspects of owning,maintaining,fishing my boat so i always had a go to guy that was a phone call away when i had an issue, in fact Captain Scott ran my yellowfin back from Cape canaveral to miami and i could of not felt more comfortable. I am proud to have a guy like Scott on my team and will be happy to be reference to him should he ever need it.

    Emil Bot

  • I met Scott over a year ago and am really glad I did! He's extremely knowledgeable and knows all about boats, including structural aspects and mechanical. He helped us out on our boat, a 54' Blackwell, and we couldn't thank him enough! Definitely would use him again and again!

    Nick Stanczyk

  • We had a corrosion inspection performed on our Island Packet 29 by Miami Marine Survey. Scott was very professional; arrived on time, was prepared, and thorough in his explanations of electrical and corrosion issues. While on board, he visually inspected all thru-hulls and fittings, checked the vessel neutral and ground/bond system, and continuity between bonded components. Potentials were taken of all vessel thru-hulls. Scott's suggestions were implemented and results so far show good. We are happy and would recommend his services.

    sv DRIFT

  • For over five years, Scott Virgin has been involved in all marine related endeavors at my resort in Musha Cay. During his time at my resort, Scott was instrumental in conducting complex engine rebuilds, producing specialized marine finishes for yachts, boats/personal water craft, and managed a variety of marine installations - including the design/development of custom boat and water craft storage.. In addition to his technical proficiency in solving complex marine electrical issues, Scott also undertook extensive fiberglass repairs for the majority of our fleet including custom fabrication.

    While there are many skilled tradesmen who have worked with us at Musha Cay, Scott is by far one of our most resourceful, skilled, and reliable consultants. We have yet to find a marine issue, he could not successfully resolve. He truly goes "above and beyond" to ensure our water craft and marine facilities function without incident so that our guests can enjoy the majesty of our Islands .

    David Copperfield

  • A recent boating accident left me with some extensive damage after being rear ended in my Cruiser Yachts 390 Sport Coupe. I made the unfortunate mistake of allowing the insurance company and their surveyor evaluate and determine the damages for repair. I made my own additional list, which I thought was reasonable and assumed the insurance company would honor. Bad idea…. I learned the hard way to ensure you have a certified professional, that you hire, come an inspect your vessel to go over all the things you know of and point out all the things you didn’t know about as well. It wasn’t until the end of the repair that I hired a surveyor to come check on the boat, the repair work along with the residual damage and problems.

    I was referred to Scott Virgin at Miami Marine Survey. I spoke with him first on the phone and emailed him all the photos, police report and information I had about the accident. I met him at the boat towards the end of his inspection. Scott from Miami Marine Survey was easy and pleasant to talk to. It was clear he enjoys his line of work. He carefully inspected all the documentation and reports and made appropriate deductions from the area of accident, depths and conditions as well as the description of the accident to create a cohesive summary and appropriate deductions. He was patient and answered all my questions. He pointed out many items I was not aware of which I must take into consideration with regards to the initial insurance survey and the repairs, what was left out of the repairs and what was wrong with some of the repairs. The big mistake was not having Scott there from the start, as the whole process and repairs would have been done differently …meaning much more accurately and proper. He was helpful to point out other maintenance issues and concerns as well.

    Scott Virgin is certainly professional, very knowledgeable and thorough. And if he has questions, he knows where to go to get the answers. He made the appointment fast and easy and pricing was very reasonable. His report will be a big asset in dealing with the repair center and the insurance company….only wish I called him earlier !!

    Sam Gershenbaum, DO 4 7 2015

    Sam Gershenbaum

  • Scott went well above and beyond to meet my expectations when I considered purchasing a Sea Ray Sundancer from out of state. He was extremely forthright, professional, and accommodating throughout the complex process. I am certain his knowledge and guidance provided the information necessary for my decision and in return saved me from a potential future nightmare. With this being said, I highly recommend Miami Marine Survey & Consulting for any/all of your marine survey needs.

    Sean Gunning

  • Scott performed the survey on our 2007 Sea Ray 40 Motoryacht on a Monday and had me a detailed report by that evening. His pricing and knowledge was extremely impressive. He spent over an hour on the phone going over his findings in detail and advising me on potential future liability concerns. I would definitely recommend him in the future.

    Joe Cuevas

  • Scott is a personable, knowledgeable, and willing to share his knowledge and experience. I have had other boats surveyed and believe this one to be the most thorough and comprehensive of them. I will not hesitate to recommend Scott to anyone needing a boat surveyed.

    Gary Henderson

  • Scott was terrific in helping spot problems early on before the full survey took place on not one, but two boats with water in the hull. While trying to buy two boats remotely, unseen, Scott provided clear feedback on the condition of the vessels and didn't push to close the sale and move on.

    John Stroll

  • Scott Virgin with Miami Marine Survey and Consulting saved me from making a big mistake and saved me a ton of money on a older Mako 23 foot boat. I have used his services and expertise several times and he helped me purchase a 21 foot Mako at a great price. Scott helped me purchase with confidence and helped me put together a maintenance plan for the boat going forward.

    I would refer Scott to anyone who is planning to purchase a boat of any size.

    Felipe Echarte

  • Scott is a true professional. I called him with an emergency situation and he responded to me within just a few minutes. He re-organized his schedule to meet me at the job site to ensure that the survey being performed was up to his standards and with my best interest in mind. I can't express enough thanks for the great service I received and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and reliable marine survey service. 5 stars!

    Michael Farin

  • Scott at Miami Marine Survey put me at ease as his professionalism and his detailed survey allowed me to review all details of current condition of the boat prior to purchase. His thorough survey outlined all factors to be taken into consideration, included an engine diagnostics report and a full sea trial. He was punctual, forward and sure to note points of concern in great detail. I would recommend this service to anyone looking into buying a boat, consider it insurance to make you feel there are no surprises and or to relieve any pressure from the seller that it is "clean as a whistle". After I received the report I was able to negotiate with the seller on issues which were noted in the report as they were valid and relevant. Highly recommended for his meticulous review attention to detail and due diligence.

    Blake Campbell

  • I live in Alaska. I found a boat that I wanted to buy for a Great Loop trip in Florida. You can imagine the inherent difficulty posed by distance. Luckily, I was able to get in touch with Scott at MMS and retained his services as the surveyor when it was time to do our sea trials in November of 2014. The boat is a relatively new (2007) 40 foot trawler. Scot was able to recommend a local, experienced diesel mechanic who accompanied us on the trial and was able to take care of the engine survey at a reasonable cost. Both guys were strait shooters who I really felt were representing my interests. They did a very thorough evaluation of all the major mechanical, structural and electrical systems. Scott's experience and background in electrical engineering helped identify a couple of issues that I was glad to be made aware of. The survey was finished in less than 24 hours. 30 days later after I closed on the boat, Scott followed up by assisting in arranging for repair work on a couple of the inevitable issues that arise from a survey. I felt all of the work done was necessary and fair, and the repairs were all made in a reasonable cost and time. I never felt like he was drumming up business or trying to "pad" a time sheet, etc. Calls/emails were always returned and communication was good.

    I would have no hesitation to recommend MMS and Scott Virgin. He is welcome to use me as a reference.

    Zack Steer

  • Being from the West Coast, it is a daunting task to purchase a boat in Miami. After reading online reviews, I chose Miami Marine Survey to complete our sea trial and survey. Scott Virgin showed up at the pre-arranged time promptly and immediately set to work finding the minor items that were wrong with the boat. Even the owner did not realize he was using switches incorrectly to run the 2 AC units. We were at ease with each other and he let me follow him around like a puppy asking him a million questions. Always polite, he gave me straight forward answers to all my questions. I felt completely engaged and informed for the entire 10 hour survey. Talk about thorough!! I am more than happy with Miami Marine Survey. This guy knows boats and boat systems like nobody I have ever met before. The price was very reasonable for the effort and amount of work put in. I strongly recommend Scott and give him 5 starts. Too bad the scale didn't go higher. I am very impressed.

    Pat Davies

  • I had Scott do a survey of a 2008 Sea Ray Sundancer 310 in June of 2016. He was great. Having used him for a survey I can say with certainty I would never buy a boat without using Scott again. He started with the most important items so we did not need to waste a whole day if the boat had serious problems. He then offered to cut the survey short and give me a discount when he quickly uncovered that it was a mechanical disaster. Beyond his reasonable pricing, top notch knowledge, ability to explain things so you understand them I think the best compliment I can give him is that he does not rely on broker referrals. Alot of his competitors play politics with your wallet when they do surveys as this is a small area. Having used him I know for a fact Scott does not. He is independent and was only loyal to me his customer.

    David Linder

  • Scott conducted an amazing job with the survey on my new boat. He was very informative and patient explaining everything that be found wrong with the boat. This was the 2nd survey I did with Scott and would highly recommend his services. I will use his services again on my next boat

    Oscar Arellano

  • Absolutely fantastic service! During the survey of our recent purchased vessel, Scott was able to point out conditions in the boat that would have been dangerous to our family if not repaired. He also assists us in the process of making sure that the repairs to the boat were done to standards. He showed a high level of knowledge and professionalism which we certainly appreciated. We will definitely recommend him to our friends and family members.

    Phil Valdes

  • Hired Scott to review a Swift Trawler and he did a fantastic job and even prevented me from buying a defective boat. He was thorough and professional. He discovered and pointed out some problems with the boat that were not obvious. Thanks to him I moved on to another boat. Too bad it's not in his geography (1800 mile away) or I would have him do that survey. You will not be disappointed.

    Michael Scoby

  • Scott did a wonderful job for me. His timely advise helped me to avoid overpaying for a vessel that I thought was a "good deal."

    Scott has years of experience and definitely speaks the language. He has a great knack and explaining why certain things matter and others don't.

    If one is going to be spending 10s of thousands of dollars on a bout, one would be remiss without having a full survey performed. Miami Survey & Consulting should be the first call one makes when embarking on a vessel search.

    Great job, Scott!

    Jonathan Lafevers

  • I contacted Scott to survey a 38 Silverton Convertible in Coconut Grove and within the first 15 minutes of the survey he found water in the hatches and swim platform. From there he proceeded to find additional problems that ultimately led me to turn the boat down and saving me thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache. Scott is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable about boat construction, systems and engines and can describe the issues, condition and potential problems in a very understandable manner. I definitely will hire him to survey the next boat, he was very reasonable in his pricing, showed up on time and confirmed our appointment the day before. An absolute pleasure to deal with!

    Mark Carleton

  • If we could give 6 or 7 stars we would. Scott surveyed a boat we purchased offering a detailed, evaluation of what needed to be addressed and suggested ways to efficiently deal with deficiencies.

    Communication was excellent, attention to detail was outstanding.

    You will be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable detail oriented surveyor that just happens to have people skills that are exceptional. Whether dealing with the buyer, seller, boat yard or broker Scott is a professional of the highest standard!


  • Scott was extremely responsive and helpful. This is only my second boat purchase and Scott was patient and helpful in sharing his knowledge and expertise with me. We ended up passing on the boat in question but would absolutely still use Scott on future purchases. Highly Recommend!

    The boat was a 2002 Pursuit 2870 Walkaround with Twin Yamaha 225's

    Maggie Derksen

  • Scott joined me in September for a chaotic misadventure between Coconut Grove and Miami to a survey a 50 year old Pearson 35. Considering the age of the vessel and the price, I was expecting some findings. What I was not expecting was for an engine to overheat 5 miles from where we needed to be, or to be stuck on anchor for an hour due to sudden tropical storm.

    It went from bad to worse and my survey ended up stretching into a 9+ hour day. Scott remained calm and professional despite all the complications and delays. He took the time to show and explain findings to me as they turned up on the boat, frankly yet tactfully in the company of the owner and broker. Once we were back on the dock he continued to answer my questions regarding the severity of each finding for nearly another hour. From a non-marine air conditioning unit, to water in the deck, to a gearbox full of some sort of unearthly sludge that couldn't even be analyzed, he patiently answered all questions that I had.

    Within 48 hours he sent his very comprehensive report of the findings and oil analysis. Scott's impressive expertise and thorough methods saved me thousands of dollars, and his patience and sense of humor saved my spirits on a very disappointing day. We ended up passing on the Pearson, but I will not hesitate to call Scott to survey any boat we consider in the future. Big thanks!!

    Katherine Brookshier

  • Scott was great with the survey on a used boat purchase. Great attention to detail and very open and candid conversations about his findings. Would highly recommend using him again

    Brent Jablonski

  • A professional, reliable and trustworthy marine surveyor who I highly recommend. I am a professional Master Mariner and Marine Engineer myself and only use the best surveyors. Scott is worth every dollar. I needed a full boat survey and sea trials to which Scott produced his detailed report. I now have a very good overview of the condition of the vessel and items that require attention. If you need a surveyor look no further : use Miami Marine Survey & Consulting - you will not be disappointed.

    Henk Keijer

  • I live out of state and Scott was referred to me. He was very knowlegable about the boat I was looking at purchasing and mentioned a few things he would try and take an extra close look at. After he completed the survey, he called to discuss what he found and we decided to walk away from this boat due to issues he stressed some concerns about.

    He was awsome to deal with, and would highly recomend him to any one looking for a surveyor in the Miami area!

    Jason Jankowski

  • I have worked with many surveyors in my line of work and Scott has to be one of the best I've seen. Super thorough, follows the standards, communicates findings to the buyer and delivers quickly. He knows different structural components as a boat builder, engines and rigging. So I'd say it's a one-stop shop for your sail or powerboat purchase. Look no further.

    Tim Jenne

  • I had a wonderful experience with Scott. We asked him to survey a boat on very short notice and he was more than accommodating. He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to point out areas of concern that I would have never considered. The whole process was very courteous and professional. I would not purchase a boat unless it has been surveyed by Scott Virgin of Miami Marine Survey.

    J N

  • Mr. Scott Virgin just finished an insurance survey on my Wellcraft 290 Coastal and promptly delivered a comprehensive report that includes useful recommendations to enhance the safety of the vessel and my family. He is extremely well qualified and combines a great deal of formal training with hands on experience in boat manufacturing, service and repairs, fiberglass and gelcoat work and services as a certified marine electrician. His diversified training and experience along with his hard earned SAMS certification as a Senior Surveyor make him one of the most qualified marine surveyors in South Florida. If you want an honest assessment of your vessel's condition, this is your guy.

    Scott's great personality and friendly demeanor make communicating with him extremely easy and pleasant. He explained the entire survey process and shared his knowledge and good advice with us. Scott is the ultimate professional, a great ambassador to his trade and an asset to mariners and the boating industry. I highly recommend Scott if you need a marine survey in South Florida.

    Joe Diaz

  • I have hired Scott Virgin to survey several of my boats. I currently own a 46 foot Ketch and Diesel trawler. He has provided screening surveys to help me choose the right vessel and Insurance surveys. He has followed up with any assistance in inspecting and well researched explanation of any problems on the boats. I have been extremely pleased with his professionalism, his competencies in all aspects of marine equipment and his rigorous approach to detailed surveys. He was able to identify several areas of concern in the purchase process in boats which I was interested in owning. In hiring him, I have saved time and money in making a better decision on either the right purchase or repair decision. He is thorough, prompt, responsive and reasonable. I recommend Scott without reservation and with complete confidence.

    Charles Dickson

    Miami, Florida

    Charles Dickson

  • I have been buying boats for 40 years. I have had may surveys done. I have never had a surveyor so professional, reliable, detail oriented with better overall boat expertise than Scott Virgin. On my most recent boat purchase in Maryland I went through the expense of flying Scott down to do the survey instead of using someone local. If you want the best Surveyor there is to avoid buying a "lemon" and knowing exactly what is wrong or needs to be fixed on a boat Scott should be your first choice!

    Robert Boshnack

  • We used Scott Virgin to inspect a boat that we were planning to purchase (and did purchase). From our first point of contact, Scott was professional and responsive. He was on time for his appointment, and he was exceptionally thorough and detailed in the inspection. More importantly, Scott then spent a lot of time with us after the inspection explaining the results of the inspection and helping us to evaluate and process the quality of the boat. My husband and I were very impressed with Scott, and we would recommend him, without hesitation, to anyone in need of a marine survey.

    April Duff

  • Hiring Scott Virgin with Miami Marine Survey and Consulting was one of the best decisions I have done in my life. Not only he saved me from making a big mistake and saved me a ton of money, but he explained to me in details the things that were important and what to look for. I am on the process of Buying a Bavaria 420 Fly and he was able to find details that I will never even think they were important. His customer service and knowledge is outstanding, I used his services and expertise for the first time now and he has helped me on this process constantly. I have called him several times just to ask questions and advices about this boat and he has always answer the phone and always satisfied my concerns 100%, keep in mind that most inspectors will kind of end their services after they get paid. with Scott it has been the opposite, he is always there for me and its still helping me to make this purchase with confidence.

    it is not easy to find trustworthy people in Miami, Scott has won my business for as long as I own boats. I would refer Scott to anyone who is planning to purchase a boat of any size, it is the best decision a buyer will make. Keep up the great service!!!!

    Frank Cabrera

  • Scott is knowledgeable, professional, and communicates his findings very clearly and frankly. The boat he surveyed for us was not prepared by the seller as one would expect for a sea trial. Yet while working through everything from needing to fill the fresh water tank himself, to finding a rat skeleton in a service compartment and outboards that wouldn't run properly, he kept his cool and never appeared frustrated.

    His final report was well organized and easy to understand. He promptly answered our follow-up calls, texts, and emails with a great attitude and insight. We did not end up purchasing the boat and continue to look for our perfect family vessel. We won't hesitate for a second to give Scott a call when we are ready for another survey.

    Brad George

    Local Guide

  • He surveyed the boat and looked through the engines as if he was making the purchase of the boat himself. Scott showed incredible care and was beyond thorough while performing all of the tasks we had discussed prior. His price was fair for the job done and I would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to friends. If you need a boat surveyed, I would highly recommend Scott as he is professional, timely and sticks to all deadlines set for himself.


  • Trust is everything. Very detail oriented, responsive and professional. Saved me from making a mistake and would not hesitate to use again and recommend to anyone. Scott and Valeria are also very personable and helpful and will go the extra mile to ensure their clients are satisfied and well-educated throughout the process. Very pleased and was in good hands, one of my best decisions.

    Johnathan Easler

  • I wasn't fortunate enough to have Scott do the survey on the boat I had an offer on. I had vetted him and had consulted with him regarding the vessel. After I had forwarded the deposit and signed the purchase agreement, I forwarded Scotts' contact to the broker / owner. He refused the survey. I asked Scott what it was all about and it was due to Scott not releasing his findings on another survey to the broker who was the selling agent. I confronted the broker and forced the issue. Scott agreed to do the survey even under what would have been a difficult situation at best. His professionalism and integrity throughout the process thoroughly impressed me. I would not hesitate to use Scott.

    Scott Larson

  • I have worked with Scott a number of times. He is professional, thorough, and a wealth of information. I would recommend Scott at Miami Marine Survey to everybody.

    Jason U

  • There are not enough words that I can say about how prompt, professional and spot-on Scott and Miami Marine Survey were in helping me survey a few boats leading up to my most recent SeaVee purchase. Everything from scheduling an appointment to meeting me at various boats to survey them in great detail was handled impeccably. Five stars all the way! I will definitely be using Scott and Miami Marine Survey again. Thank you!!

    Michael Farin

  • Scott is a first-class marine surveyor. I live in South Carolina, and I needed to have a boat in Miami surveyed. I found Scott by reading Google reviews. He was extremely responsive through the whole process, and continues to be responsive even though the survey is complete and I am shopping for another boat. He saved me from making a huge financial mistake. If I need another boat surveyed in Miami, I will not hesitate to hire Scott again.

    Jeff Kotz

  • Scott just completed a survey and sea trial for my family on a 35 intrepid. He was very knowledgeable, thorough and accommodating over a 3 week period (boat was in Miami, we live in St. Augustine and also needed some minor repairs). I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a boat and will use only him in the future.

    Thank you again Scott.

    Greg Chapas

  • We came across Scott Virgin by pure luck. As European buyers of a 60-foot sail catamaran, which was based in Florida, we were in need of a surveyor.

    Due to known Covid-19 restrictions, we had to do all research online and were presented with a lot of results. Each of them looking promising, so making the choice was not easy. We contacted several of them, and from Scott’s response and description of his work, we put our trust in him, but of course not knowing what will be the real outcome.

    This boat was our first big investment and it was important that we get a realistic overview of the boat’s condition. Scott is simply highly qualified - he went in serious detail crawling to the last corners inspecting every screw and bolt to ensure the most accurate overview of the technical condition of the boat.

    His knowledge about boats in every aspect – engine, rigging, electronic systems, piping and hardware, construction and seaworthiness - is as unbeatable as his utmost knowledgeable and professional was of explaining and decoding the issues.

    In our case it turned out that he is not only a brilliant surveyor but also a real marine detective.

    Hiring Scott for surveying our boat was the best investment possible and we highly recommend it to anyone. By the way, his pricing is just way too fair!

    Angelika & Michael

    Michael Martens

  • I hired Scott to perform a damage survey on my yacht. He was very responsive and always punctual. I've had a number of marine surveys over the years and Scott was by far the most knowledgeable surveyor and his attention to detail is amazing. His report was timely, well documented and very helpful in resolving the issues involved. Although it took a little while to schedule the survey, he's obviously in high demand and definitely worth the short wait to get it done right!

    Rick Lipoff

  • Scott Virgin was professional, knowledgeable, flexible and friendly. Based on my experience purchasing a boat, I would certainly recommend his services.

    Lennard van Vloten

  • Miami Marine Survey and Scott have been incredible with my boat survey.

    Scott took his time to go through every motor, system, electronics and hull from bow to stern. He is extremely knowledgeable of all the marine industry and answered all my questions. I would diffidently recommend using him for all your survey needs and questions. He was instrumental in the negotiation and purchase of my 2012 Hydra Sport 42"

    Derick Rosenwald

  • Scott is one of the most knowledgeable surveyors I have used. He helped me understand some issues with key insites into the boat building process that kept me from making a bad decision and saving me thousands of dollars. He was thorough, detailed, and responsive. I will be using Scott again for my next boat purchase.

    Robert Rogers

  • I mean, where do I even begin? If I could give 10 stars, I would. The boat is a 39 Seahunter Tournament.

    Scott and his crew are simply amazing. Very responsive. Very professional. Very knowledgeable. I don't think there's anything that would stump this man as it pertains to boats. As a matter of fact, I'm certain that he found several things that any other boat surveyor likely would have missed given the lengths necessary to have discovered the things he did. Not to mention, the turn-around time for the report was insanely quick. All of this in a time where the boating industry is on fire, demand is through the roof, and it's extremely difficult to get anything done in a timely, professional, and high quality manner.

    This is the end-all, be-all in boat surveying. Don't worry, call Scott, and get on the water with a great deal of peace of mind.

    JD Moises

  • I used Miami Marine Survey when I was planning to buy a boat in Key Largo. Scott and team are professional and easy to work with. Very responsive and detailed on what the survey covers. Scott is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects from engines to hulls and electronics. He explained each step of the survey and discussed the pros and cons of what he found. Thankfully Scott saved me from buying a boat with rotten stringers and electrical wiring issues. I 100% recommend Miami Marine Survey. They are a one stop shop for Engines and hulls making the survey process easy. Thanks Scott!

    Tim and Jackie Bruce

  • I live in Raleigh, NC and hired Miami Marine Survey LLC to do a survey on a 42 Foot Cigarette Speed Boat which I was purchasing from TNT Marine in Miami, Florida. I was able to purchased this boat site unseen because of the detailed survey Scott Virgin provided me. I live in North Carolina and did not have time to make two trips to Florida to purchase this boat. I hired Miami Marine Survey to do the survey and do a sea trial on the boat. They provided me with a full survey report of everything that was wrong with the boat. I was able to get everything repaired at TNT Marine in Miami before driving from North Carolina to pick up the boat. Scott Virgin did the survey for me and went back out to confirm everything had been repaired on the survey before I made my trip down to pick up the boat from North Carolina. Afterwards, Scott spent at least 45 minutes with me going over everything on the survey report and gave me suggestions on how to maintain the boat moving forward. Scott also gave me the contact information for a company in North Carolina who specialize in maintaining the maintenance for Cigarette Boats. I am extremely happy with Scott and Miami Marine Survey and highly recommend Scott and his company for any boat survey! 5 Star Service!!!


    Steve Gillooly

    Raleigh, NC

    Steve Gillooly

  • Scott was very thorough in his survey, and very knowledgeable and great attention to detail in all his comments and suggestions. Being far away from the boat, he was essential in discovering and addressing issues with the boat. Easy to communicate with, clear explanations, and easy to reach. I can highly recommend his services.

    Al Sail

  • If you are looking for a marine surveyor, I highly recommend Miami Marine Survey and Consulting, Scott is amazing! During the scheduling process he was flexible with both, the seller and my schedule. While on site at the boat he went over things of concern while I was there. He also provided a very thorough report and discussed it in details

    I would highly recommend Miami Marine Survey and Consulting for all your marine survey needs. I was a great experience!

    Yamila Fleitas

  • Scott at Miami Marine did a complete and thorough survey of the sailboat we wound up buying. He spent about 12 hours total- at the marina, the haulout and the sea trial. He supplied a very detailed survey that gave us the confidence to make the purchase. Scott contacted Catalina and talked to the engineer that designed the boat in 1989, and gave us details on its design and manufacture. He could not have been more helpful, and is always available when we have follow-up questions. I highly recommend Scott and Miami Marine Survey

    Greg Hanson

  • Needed someone to survey a 29' Chris Craft Catalina asap to get a deal done quickly and Scott came through in clutch. Arrived on time, friendly and did the job super well. Got survey and oil tests back 48 hours later and boy oh boy, made me feel more comfortable as this was our first boat purchase! Even he said this was one of the cleanest boats he's seen. Would not have purchased it if he did not like how it looked. Very knowledgeable and will use again for future boat purchases!

    Matthew Reiser

  • Scott was amazing and exceeded my expectations! Scott was extremely helpful because of how clear and detailed he was in his communication and explanation of all the issues, which there were many. This was my first time buying a boat but working with Scott did not make the process feel as overwhelming as I think it might have otherwise been. In the end, I did not buy the boat, and although I still incurred the cost for the survey, building a relationship and receiving the insights from Scott made it well worth it. I am looking forward to restarting my search and working with Scott in the process.

    Jon Amzallag

  • Scott and Valeria were the absolute BEST to deal with. I was coming in from out of town and scheduled the Survey. The boat owner was less than helpful in assisting with the logistics of the survey and haul out. Scott and Valeria helped tremendously with moving schedules around to accommodate. Once I noticed that the boat owner has not disclosed some key information regarding the vessel, Scott, instead of starting where you would normally start on the engine survey, said "lets rush to look at the things that will fail this survey straight out before we go any further". He knew what we were looking for and knew that going from FL to MD on a long trip up the ICW was paramount in making sure the vessel was up to standard and would be worth the investment. Scott also explained that the water laden stringers of this boat would not fare well in the freezing winters of MD. It didn't take long to see this wasn't our boat and unfortunately, we had to pull the plug on the idea of a new toy - for the time being. Given that the survey was over pretty much before it began, Scott cut a great deal off the cost; which he did not have to do but that make it that much easier to call him a reputable person and surveyor. To top it off, the boat owner tried to call Valeria and CLAIM that Scott have given permission to provide all of the survey information to him for free. Scott called me and told me about it and said there was no way he was getting that information, unless I gave it to him. Just one more thing that proves he is true to his work AND true to his people that hire him. Top Notch Guy!! Definitely recommended for anyone in the Miami area.

    Michael Pritchett

  • The most experienced and knowledgeable marine consultant i’ve worked with. The level of professionalism and integrity displayed by Scott surpassed all of my expectations. You simply will not find a more competent and thorough marine surveyor in Miami, FL. 5 stars all the way.

    Capt. Charlie Ellis


  • One of our most resourceful, skilled, and reliable consultants While there are many skilled tradesmen who have worked with us at Musha Cay, Scott is by far one of our most resourceful, skilled, and reliable consultants. We have yet to find a marine issue, he could not successfully resolve.

    David Copperfield

    Musha Cay

  • We couldn’t thank him enough I met Scott over a year ago and am really glad I did! He’s extremely knowledgeable and knows all about boats, including structural aspects and mechanical.

    Capt. Nick Stanczyk

    Bud N' Mary's Marina

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