Repair Inspection Survey

Most boat owners do not understand the complexity of repairing marine engine, electrical, plumbing, propulsion, or structural components.

When it comes to extensive repair jobs, having a marine surveyor who intimately understands what it takes to repair vessels of all shapes and sizes is an invaluable investment.

Scott Virgin is an ABYC Master Marine Tech with over 20 years experience building boats as well as repairing marine engines and electrical systems. You would be hard pressed to find another marine surveyor with more technical experience in the repair industry.

A repair inspection survey from Miami Marine Survey LLC is as close to guaranteed as you can get when it comes to validating that a repair was carried out professionally and properly. This survey provides extensive documentation which clearly emphasizes what was done to repair a vessel and whether the repair was carried out properly and was thoroughly completed.

Our repair inspection survey includes:

  • Pre-Repair Evaluation, Appraisal, Financial Estimates
  • Post-Repair Evaluation of the Work, Components Utilized
  • System Testing, Evaluation, Sea Trial
  • Craftsmanship Evaluation

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