Insurance Survey

A vessel is an investment which can often demand significant financial commitment. Insuring a vessel is a critical step in responsible boat, yacht, or ship ownership and should not be taken lightly.

We Provide insight into the insurance industry and marine coverage while providing in-depth inspection reports that provide loss prevention, and help you obtain and defend your coverage.

A marine survey intended specifically to deliver an accurate valuation of your vessel is extremely important when obtaining an insurance policy. It is often the only reputable documentation an insurance company has to evaluate the coverage your vessel will receive.

In order to obtain or renew insurance coverage, we provide marine surveying services tailored specifically to your needs – this survey process and report is designed to provide the owner as well as the insurance company with everything needed for safety, risk assessment, and peace of mind.

Our insurance surveys typically include:

  • Meticulous Hull, Deck, and Systems Inspection
  • Inspection of Electrical Components for Corrosion and Potential Fire Hazards
  • Engine Inspections – Computer Diagnostics
  • Fuel System Inspections and Safety Evaluation
  • Structural Inspection
  • Rigging Inspection
  • Document the Condition of Fiberglass Laminates, Wood, Core Material, etc.

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