Pre-Purchase Vessel Survey/Inspection

Before you purchase a vessel, it’s critical to diligently assess all aspects of the vessel.

A pre-purchase survey is by far the most extensive survey process, as it requires the surveyor to formally and methodically evaluate each major system and structure. This typically requires a full engine analysis, including computer diagnostics, an evaluation of the vessel’s electrical system (inspection for corrosion, potential fire hazards, and functionality),  inspection of the mast and rigging using a drone or bosun chair (as needed), and thorough hull inspection.

The goal of a pre-purchase vessel survey is to provide a prospective boat buyer with documentation to confirm that a vessel is free of operational hazard, suitable for its purpose, appropriately valued, and free of defect or damage, Pre-purchase surveys are also intended to provide the prospective boat buyer (or seller) with indication of issues which may become a problem over time.

Our pre-purchase vessel survey typically includes (but is not limited to) the following services:

  • Meticulous Hull, Deck, and Systems Inspection
  • In-Water Inspection
  • Out of Water Inspection
  • Complete Engine Diagnostics/Blowby Testing/Computer Diagnostics (inspection varies on engine type)
  • Engine Oil Analysis (tests for internal wear and tear and foreign elements)
  • Complete Engine, Transmission, and Generator Survey
  • Moisture Meter Testing
  • Corrosion and Stray Current Meter Testing
  • Mast, Rigging, and Sail Inspection Using Drone or Bosun Chair (if applicable)
  • Full Sea Trial with System Tests and Wide-Open Throttle Testing
  • Boroscopy and Remote Camera Capabilities, and FLIR/Thermal Camera of Vessel Systems
  • Onsite Coolant Testing
  • Carbon Monoxide & Combustible Gas Monitoring & Detection
  • Engine Safety Inspection
  • List of Deficiencies and Recommendations
  • Fair Market Value/Actual Cash Value (ACV) and Replacement value