Claims Services

What makes us different?

Expertise Without Outsourcing

While other public adjusters split their focus between residential water, storm, mold, and fire damage, we dedicate our entire focus to the marine industry. We are both the experts that other public adjusters use to outsource their damage inspections and the certified public adjusters. Why have a middleman with no experience in the marine industry when you can have the experts directly fighting for what you deserve?

Direct Access

We are a local small business, so you can be confident you have direct access to your marine expert and public adjuster. While other public adjusting firms may have experts on their disconnected outsourced team whom you never interact with, we have the experts themselves communicate with you. We are public adjusters, past independent insurance adjusters, and marine experts all in one tight knit team. We work closely with you and will never pass your claim off to other firms or adjusters..


Most public adjusters are just that, adjusters. Our team is led by a S.A.M.S. Accredited Marine Surveyor and I.A.M.I. Certified Marine Investigator with years of boat building and insurance claims experience. We have extensive knowledge and experience with local repair and service facilities. For every potential claim, we will come to the damaged vessel free of charge to make an initial assessment and educate you regarding both the damage and your policy.  By managing your claim, we will not only explain and guide you through the insurance claim process but also guide you through understanding the damage to your vessel so you can get back on the water as soon as possible with peace of mind.


As a current International Association of Marine Investigators Certified Marine Investigator, we maintain a strict dedication to honest marine claims with a zero-tolerance policy for fraud.


In addition to 25 years of boatbuilding and marine experience, and a decade as a marine surveyor, we have years of experience processing marine claims and providing expert assistance to attorneys. We understand the process and the details of what a successful claim requires.

Pre-Purchase Vessel Survey/Inspection

New Claim

Disaster strikes and you are left with damage to your boat or yacht. It is an overwhelming and stressful moment, but there are steps you can follow to set you up for a successful recovery. Before contacting anyone else, make sure to contact your insurance company to notify them of the loss. The next focus should be on documenting everything connected to the damage. Photos, witness information, videos, etc. should be taken as soon as possible and will help build a strong claim. Then, we step in. Contact Us to schedule a free claim consultation in which we take a preliminary look at the vessel and your insurance policy. After signing a contract with us, you can let out a sigh of relief and sit back as we handle the claim process and fight to get you the payment you deserve.

Pre-Purchase Vessel Survey/Inspection

Unfair Payout

You have handled the stressful insurance claim process on your own only for your insurance company to not offer enough money to cover the full extent of the damage. After all the time and energy wasted on red tape, you consider accepting a settlement that is less than you deserve. That is what your insurance company is hoping for. Let us step in and fight for you. Contact Us to schedule a free claim consultation where we will review all the work already done, look at your vessel, and build a stronger claim based on expertise and facts. You don't have to choose between giving the insurance company more of your valuable time or losing money!

Pre-Purchase Vessel Survey/Inspection

Supplemental Claims

You've accepted a settlement from your insurance company only to discover you were seriously underpaid for the extent of the damage. The payment doesn't begin to cover all the costly parts, repair services, and losses you have suffered, or it doesn't cover unexpected problems that popped up after the settlement was accepted. Your insurance company will do everything possible to make reopening your claim seem impossible or useless, but it's not. Contact Us and we will do the paperwork to reopen the claim as well as conduct a thorough inspection to prove what you already know: you deserve more.

Pre-Purchase Vessel Survey/Inspection

Denied claims

You've filed the paperwork, and your insurance company comes back with frustrating news: the damage is not covered by your policy, and they are denying your claim. The fact is that hidden in the complicated legal jargon that makes up your policy, there could be policies that benefit YOU and not the insurance company. Contact Us and sit back as we read through every detail of your policy and prove with our damage inspection that your insurance company is required to cover the damage.

Why hire a marine public adjuster?

  • Corporate insurance giants do their best to make filing a claim as tedious and confusing as possible. They rely on the fact that most policy holders do not have the time or energy to untangle their legal jargon and learn what they are entitled to. We deal directly with your insurance company, handle all the research, perform all damage assessments, forensics, and reporting, and advocate on your behalf so you can claim what you deserve stress free.

  • Your insurance company has adjusters and experts aggressively protecting the company’s interests. They rely on an unfair fight against their policyholders. We will protect your best interest with passion and expertise to make sure you have the upper hand.

  • Most insurance company adjusters have no knowledge of the marine industry and therefore determine your payout with little research and evidence. We will fight back with years of knowledge and hard facts.

  • It is risk free. We get paid when we succeed in getting you the largest payment possible.