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I live in Raleigh, NC and hired Miami Marine Survey LLC to do a survey on a 42 Foot Cigarette Speed Boat which I was purchasing from TNT Marine in Miami, Florida. I was able to purchased this boat site unseen because of the detailed survey Scott Virgin provided me. I live in North Carolina and did not have time to make two trips to Florida to purchase this boat. I hired Miami Marine Survey to do the survey and do a sea trial on the boat. They provided me with a full survey report of everything that was wrong with the boat. I was able to get everything repaired at TNT Marine in Miami before driving from North Carolina to pick up the boat. Scott Virgin did the survey for me and went back out to confirm everything had been repaired on the survey before I made my trip down to pick up the boat from North Carolina. Afterwards, Scott spent at least 45 minutes with me going over everything on the survey report and gave me suggestions on how to maintain the boat moving forward. Scott also gave me the contact information for a company in North Carolina who specialize in maintaining the maintenance for Cigarette Boats. I am extremely happy with Scott and Miami Marine Survey and highly recommend Scott and his company for any boat survey! 5 Star Service!!!


Steve Gillooly

Raleigh, NC

Steve Gillooly

Scott was very thorough in his survey, and very knowledgeable and great attention to detail in all his comments and suggestions. Being far away from the boat, he was essential in discovering and addressing issues with the boat. Easy to communicate with, clear explanations, and easy to reach. I can highly recommend his services.

Al Sail

If you are looking for a marine surveyor, I highly recommend Miami Marine Survey and Consulting, Scott is amazing! During the scheduling process he was flexible with both, the seller and my schedule. While on site at the boat he went over things of concern while I was there. He also provided a very thorough report and discussed it in details

I would highly recommend Miami Marine Survey and Consulting for all your marine survey needs. I was a great experience!

Yamila Fleitas

Scott at Miami Marine did a complete and thorough survey of the sailboat we wound up buying. He spent about 12 hours total- at the marina, the haulout and the sea trial. He supplied a very detailed survey that gave us the confidence to make the purchase. Scott contacted Catalina and talked to the engineer that designed the boat in 1989, and gave us details on its design and manufacture. He could not have been more helpful, and is always available when we have follow-up questions. I highly recommend Scott and Miami Marine Survey

Greg Hanson

Needed someone to survey a 29' Chris Craft Catalina asap to get a deal done quickly and Scott came through in clutch. Arrived on time, friendly and did the job super well. Got survey and oil tests back 48 hours later and boy oh boy, made me feel more comfortable as this was our first boat purchase! Even he said this was one of the cleanest boats he's seen. Would not have purchased it if he did not like how it looked. Very knowledgeable and will use again for future boat purchases!

Matthew Reiser

Scott was amazing and exceeded my expectations! Scott was extremely helpful because of how clear and detailed he was in his communication and explanation of all the issues, which there were many. This was my first time buying a boat but working with Scott did not make the process feel as overwhelming as I think it might have otherwise been. In the end, I did not buy the boat, and although I still incurred the cost for the survey, building a relationship and receiving the insights from Scott made it well worth it. I am looking forward to restarting my search and working with Scott in the process.

Jon Amzallag

Scott and Valeria were the absolute BEST to deal with. I was coming in from out of town and scheduled the Survey. The boat owner was less than helpful in assisting with the logistics of the survey and haul out. Scott and Valeria helped tremendously with moving schedules around to accommodate. Once I noticed that the boat owner has not disclosed some key information regarding the vessel, Scott, instead of starting where you would normally start on the engine survey, said "lets rush to look at the things that will fail this survey straight out before we go any further". He knew what we were looking for and knew that going from FL to MD on a long trip up the ICW was paramount in making sure the vessel was up to standard and would be worth the investment. Scott also explained that the water laden stringers of this boat would not fare well in the freezing winters of MD. It didn't take long to see this wasn't our boat and unfortunately, we had to pull the plug on the idea of a new toy - for the time being. Given that the survey was over pretty much before it began, Scott cut a great deal off the cost; which he did not have to do but that make it that much easier to call him a reputable person and surveyor. To top it off, the boat owner tried to call Valeria and CLAIM that Scott have given permission to provide all of the survey information to him for free. Scott called me and told me about it and said there was no way he was getting that information, unless I gave it to him. Just one more thing that proves he is true to his work AND true to his people that hire him. Top Notch Guy!! Definitely recommended for anyone in the Miami area.

Michael Pritchett

The most experienced and knowledgeable marine consultant i’ve worked with. The level of professionalism and integrity displayed by Scott surpassed all of my expectations. You simply will not find a more competent and thorough marine surveyor in Miami, FL. 5 stars all the way.

Capt. Charlie Ellis -

One of our most resourceful, skilled, and reliable consultants While there are many skilled tradesmen who have worked with us at Musha Cay, Scott is by far one of our most resourceful, skilled, and reliable consultants. We have yet to find a marine issue, he could not successfully resolve.

David Copperfield - Musha Cay

We couldn’t thank him enough I met Scott over a year ago and am really glad I did! He’s extremely knowledgeable and knows all about boats, including structural aspects and mechanical.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk - Bud N' Mary's Marina